Student Registration

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The steps below describe how to register academically online on UG's student and staff portal .

Step one:Click to open MIS Web
Step two:Under the registered users section check student
Step three:Enter Student ID Number and PIN and select login
Step four:Enter Password and select login again
Step five:On the left pane, select Registration
Step sixFrom the registration drop-down menu, select Rules and Regulations
Step seven:Read and accept the rules and regulations and select Next step at the bottom right corner of the screen
Step eight:Click on Qualification code (e.g. PVIST3, PVIST6, PARTS3)
Step nine:Select Register for this qualification
Step ten:Select the subjects you wish to register for
Step eleven:Select Save & continue
Step twelve:Print out Proof of Registration

If you encounter any challenges contact the IPO Examinations Office (Room F5, International House) on +233-289-601-746 or