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As an international alumni, you may request additional copies of your transcripts/academic documents after leaving the University of Ghana. We will be happy to mail your transcripts/academic documents to you anywhere in the world. Regular Ghanaian alumni living abroad who wish to use this service should contact Ms. Abigail Mortey through the email before proceeding.


Cost of additional transcripts is determined by the postage option chosen. Postage options for an order of  transcript are as follows:

DHL (two to four working days delivery): 270 cedis per address

EMS (two to four working days delivery): 250 cedis per address

FedEx (three to four working days delivery): 250 cedis per address

These amounts include cost of transcripts plus mailing of the transcripts to a designated address of your choice.


Step one Select a postage option
Step two Transfer total amount via Western Union to Money Transfer to:
Eyram Agbetsi
Examinations Office
International Programmes
University of Ghana-Legon
Accra, Ghana
Step three

Send E-mail to with the following information:
Postage option chosen
Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
Test Question and Answer
Amount transferred
Sender's name
Your University of Ghana Student ID
Student's full name
Your country
Your programme of study whilst at University of Ghana (courses)
Your year of admission
Your year of completion
Studentship (Undergraduate, Visiting Student , Graduate)
Did you write any resits? (Yes/No)

Address/addresses you would want the transcript(s) sent to

Phone number(s) of Recipient

Step four: NOTE Students are required to attach authorization note and any valid id card for the collection of the transcript bearing the receiver's name (Eyram Agbetsi).










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