UG IPO Holds Orientation for 2017/2018 Visiting International Students

The International Programmes Office (IPO) of the University of Ghana (UG) held a 2-day orientation for visiting International Students at the K. A. Busia Lecture hall on Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th August, 2017 to welcome them officially into the UG family.

Traditionally, orientations at the University of Ghana are aimed at providing new students with information about campus resources, programmes and services and to help students build academic and social networks to support them as they settle at UG.

This year’s orientation started with the Dean of IPO, Professor Ama de-Graft Aikins, giving a welcome address to the visiting international students. In her address, the dean provided a short history and overview of UG, and encouraged the students to engage in UG’s cross-cultural environment, explore Ghana and stay safe. The welcome address was followed by presentations from other IPO and UG officials including Mr. Daniel Hormeku (Assistant Registrar, IPO), Mr. Joseph Ecklu (Examinations Coordinator, IPO), Prof. Francis Nunoo (Dean, Students’ Affairs), Mr. George Amofa-Fokuo (Head of Security, UG), Dr. James Dzisah (Director, Centre for Gender Studies & Advocacy), Dr. Bello Bella Bitugu (Director, University of Ghana Sports Directorate), Prof. Edward Nketiah-Amponsah (ISH & Jubilee Senior Tutor), Mrs Jocelyn Buckman (Careers and Counselling Centre), Dr C. K. Amenuveve and Presidents of selected clubs and societies on campus. Presentation topics included:

• Class and Examination schedules

• Tutoring

• Health and healthcare services

• Safety

• Ghanaian etiquette and culture

• Academic and social conduct.

• Internships

• Clubs and organizations

This year’s orientation was attended by 133 students from Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Gambia, Germany, Norway, Republic of Korea and the United States of America. IPO works with Study Abroad programmes such as Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), University Committee of Exchange Abroad Programme (UCEAP), California Students Union (CSU) and Universities Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) to promote international students’ education and exchange. Most of international visiting students come to UG through these programmes. A second set of students come from universities that have signed a memorandum of understanding with UG, which includes student exchanges between partner universities. A third set of students choose to study abroad at UG independently

The orientation ended on a successful note, with a Balme Library tour, and positive feedback from students. For further information about the orientation and IPO support for international students visit

The orientation served its absolute purpose by clearing my thoughts and making me feel comfortable immediately, with different groups of people. Besides, it was an amazing moment for me being the only Gambian student. I was also thrilled by the unique symbol of my group – Gye Nyame, during the Breakout Session

George Peter Gomez, Gambia

The orientation was helpful because it guided us through the basic rules of the University. It also clarified any doubts I had concerning issues such as immigration

Koumba Cisse, France

I found the orientation to be very helpful in introducing the University and new aspects of the Ghanaian Culture

Marina Gathright, Canada

The orientation was fun! I got to make friends with people that live so far from me, but also some friends that I’ll see when I go home

Isaac Skenazy, USA

I found the orientation very interesting because I learned how the University of Ghana works. Thank you!

Ysé Auque-Pallez, France